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Can you wear tights under jeans?

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The answer is simply: Of course, you can wear tights under jeans! Jeans are a significant part of most people’s wardrobe. They come in all different colors and can complete any outfit. Jeans are also great for casual outings, semi-formal meetings, or even a date. Wearing tights under jeans is an excellent way to stay warm while still being stylish. They can also be worn under skinny jeans comfortably. Wear your ripped jeans with a pair of fishnet tights and you’ll be the Queen of Fashion.

Here’s how to wear tights under ripped jeans: simply cover up them gams with a pair of fishnets or tights! Then, don a pair of your most distressed and ripped denim jeans—the more leg exposed, the better. What’s more, by playing with different tights and ripped jean combinations you can reinvent your jeans again and again, and easily transform your daily looks with a simple switch. From printed sheer tights to colouful tights, there’s a tights and ripped jean combination you’re sure to love.

Here are some ideas of how to wear tights under jeans:

Classic black with ripped jeans

Discret sheer

Rise and shine

Fishnets and jeans

Floral tights under jeans

Polka dots

Animal prints with ripped jeans

Play with colors

Find your style