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Stylize Your Legs With Fully Fashioned Nylon Stocking

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Fully fashioned nylon stockings change with time and style. Formerly stockings were made of knitted cloth but now they are available in all varieties of kitted wool, silk, cotton or nylon.

The trend of fully fashioned stocking started in the year 1950. These stockings first came in exclusive white color and latter on they were tinted with a wide array of colors. The stockings were designed in a way that they could tighten the knees, define the shape of your legs and remove the formation of creases. Fully fashioned stockings are knitted flatly. The material of the stocking is then cut and a seam symmetrically stitches the two sides. In 1960, this stocking became the style statement of all international markets and women included fully-fashioned nylon stocking to their collection as a way to enhance the beauty of their leg.

At first, fully-fashioned stockings made of silk became the popular style, but gradually nylon made its appearance and successfully ruled the market of fully-fashioned stockings. This particular stocking type also came to be referred as seamed nylon stockings.

Fully Fashioned Nylon Stocking

Fully fashioned nylon stockings were knitted on special machines. In order to make sure that that this stocking type did not damage the heal area, the sole of the foot and the toe part were deliberately toughened. However, some stocking enthusiasts are of the opinion that such a construction procedure made the fully fashioned nylon stocking look more attractive.

In the year 1947, the Christian Dior effectively launched a complete pack of fully fashioned nylon stockings. All department stores started supplying full-fashioned stockings and each one of them had their own brand labeling.

Fully fashioned nylon stockings are rare nowadays but they are still valued as the sexiest stocking varieties. These stockings are expensive but they are indeed worth the price. Moreover, their texture and durability makes them special in all plausible ways.

The trend of fully fashioned nylon stockings are once again appearing on the scene because of their sensuality and garter belt style. These are 15 denier nylon stockings which are usually knit flat and sewn together for the purpose of producing an evocative back seam and finishing hole at the top most point of the stocking welt with an extra nostalgic welt imprint.

Fully-fashioned nylon stockings are available in a wide array of colors depending on a variety of applications. They successfully cover up blemishes thereby enhancing the elegance and beauty of your leg. With every step that you take fully fashioned nylon stocking add style to your walk and you appear to be more smart and confident.

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