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Do you know when to wear black tights?

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Choosing the color of stockings, pantyhose, or tights is not always straightforward because there are many color choices. Knowing what to match with your skin tone or your clothing can help you a lot in choosing the color. Certain colors just go better with certain occasions and locations than others. For example, bright red tights might not look very professional in an office-type setting, but they’d work great for a party or concert. On the other hand, black might be too severe for a casual picnic in the park, but they’d be appropriate for a grand evening at the opera. So lets see when to wear black tights!

We all know that black goes with everything. It’s slimming, flattering, chic, and easy on the eye. Many fashion experts say that women should have something black in their closets. Black tights are like socks for your legs. They’re classic, sophisticated, stylish, and versatile, plus they make your legs look miles long and keep them toasty. Black opaque tights are the most classic and versatile pair of tights, but you can find black tights in so many textures, prints, and patterns.

Black tights are best worn in the transitional months like fall and early spring, and of course, they save any winter wardrobe. However, because of the heat, you will probably avoid them in the summer months. Black tights can be worn in casual daytime events and evening events.  They span the gambit and are appropriate whether you are running errands or going to a holiday party.  However, what you wear with the black tights will really be the clincher for the seamless integration.

What to wear with black tights?

You can wear black opaque tights with anythingWe all know that black is a neutral color and can be paired with anything. Opaque black tights are the most classic and versatile; you can wear them with anything from a brightly colored outfit to a bohemian one.

Black tights can be used to tone down a bold look. They’re a great basic piece for keeping bright outfits from being too busy. Black tights also keep statement pieces the focus of an outfit. They are not just limited to shorts, skirts, dresses, and rompers. Don’t forget that you can wear tights with pants, especially ripped ones. If you wear pants with tights and shoes that show your feet, the tights are disguised as socks.

Choose the right shoes to pair with black tights

Black tights are pretty flexible with footwear.  Although generally, you should avoid open-toe sandals, and if you opt for open toe heels you should do so cautiously. While you can wear tights with open-toe heels, they are a bit harder to pull off and can hint at a retro vibe.  So, just be aware of this when styling your entire outfit.

An easier shoe option for black tights is a pair of boots or flats. Black tights look great with a pair of combat boots or a pair of chic ankle/knee-high boots. You could also try a classic sneaker (not an athletic shoe), or a cute pair of loafers or flats. Black tights elongate your legs and make you appear taller, so as long as your shoes don’t cut off that length, and fit the style of your outfit, they should work.

Black hosiery looks fabulous with red shoes. The colors red and black are combined often in fashions creating stylish outfits. Black tights with red shoes looks great with a little black dress, a black and white outfit or black, red and white outfits. Black tights also are chic with red shoes. Add some pop to whatever you are wearing with red shoes!

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